The following group of diverse Get Paid To web sites have for some time now been operated by a small cooperative group of GPT site and Affiliate Network administrators that have  have gained a reputation and respect for being amongst the (if not THE) the hardest working people in the industry for over a decade now.

If you value patronizing GPT sites that are totally free free from the risk of chaos brought on by the likes of site incompetent or disorganized administrators / site management then this group of sites is for you.  The sites below are passionately cared for and attended to by admins that truly are totally on the ball (and have been now for over a decade)

These sites below rarely (if ever) have been late or short on any member reward payments and prize fulfillment.  These sites always seem to have all of their in-house offers in order, up-to-date, and fresh because they are lovingly attended to by people who care.

These sites always seem to be right on the scene ready to competently make the latest offer walls available for the site members within hours or days of them being released.  These admins always seem to be right there at the ready, willing, and able to promptly the minute you cash out or request another type of reward from any of the GPTs they are in charge of overseeing.  Need help, send an inbox, support ticket in, or ask a question in the shoutbox chat and BOOM, within minutes you’ll have your answer.

You think that surely I must be making this all up and embellishing  most of it but no, there are such admins and sites – all you need to experience the graceful magic of admins that properly know how to manage sites and actually take it to a whole new level of  fine art, intelligence, skill, caring and experience all wrapped up in a small group of admins overseeing the following GPT sites:

Yes, you may recognize a few of these sites as having been owned in the past by other people but today all of the above fall under the same solid management.

…and they also help out on…


The one admin that I know the best and talk to often her name is Kat and I’m telling you that she is one heck of a human dynamo !   I don’t know any of the other admins that help out personally but I can say that as a team then they sure do have their hands full and the are all handling it as champs!

In addition to running these GPTs they also run the extremely popular and affiliate networks too  (and I’m sure other projects are always in the works in the background.)

To sum it all up, I highly recommend all of the above mentioned GPTs and Networks and they are definitely being managed extremely well and I would consider all of these people the most competent and hard working people that I know of in this business!  Thank you for keeping everything (all the sites) so beautifully well kept and efficient !  Great Work !

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Useful Sites by MaxP

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